Last week we looked at the power 

that Jesus has over the demonic world. 

He cast 2,000 demons out of the maniac of Gadara. 

The results for this man were transformative 

for we see him cleansed, clothed and 

composed at the feet of Jesus.

We all need to be reminded that 

nothing is impossible with Jesus. 

There are no limitations of his power. 

In some cases He touches and 

in some they touch him; 

in others He instructs them to 

observe certain aspects of the Mosaic Law; 

but in the majority of cases He simply speaks the word. 

In any case Jesus exercises absolute power 

no matter what the problem might be. 

This morning we see the ultimate expression of 

the Lord’s power over the natural world when He 

raises the daughter of Jarius from the dead. 

No matter what the illness or sickness was He healed it. 

Over and over the gospels emphasis that 

He healed “all” that were brought to Him, all! 

The healings were complete and immediate. 

Jarius whose name means “God enlightens” 

comes to Jesus because he has heard 

of the miracles performed by this young Rabbi. 

This is a passage of contrasts.

Jesus has come back across the lake 

Where he dealt with the man with demons.

As He arrives back there is a large crowd to greet Him.

As Jesus experienced early on in His ministry 

the crowds pressed Him.

He barely had room to move. 

First contrast is that the crowd were 

trying to control His direction and the narrative. 

Yet God has other plans.

The crowd are always an interesting bunch,

And can get out of control very easily, 

Sometimes not knowing what it actually wants

Or which directions it should go in.

Possibly they respond to and follow 

the loudest voice.

On the other hand we know that God is

In control of who He is and what goes on

Around Him.

He might not always be in control of His world, 

Or possibly even His people,

But this is God.

Nor does He need to shout.  

His voice is generally heard in a still small voice.

I’m sure He could shout, 

But creation does not tell us that He did.

Jeremiah 25.30, Isaiah 42:13, 

Psalm 47:5, 1 Thessalonians 4:16 all speak of 

God shouting or thundering His voice.

But it is not a regular occurrence.

Of the crowd set to receive Jesus, 

Mark draws attention to only two individuals…

The most visible member of the community, 

Jairus was famous.

The woman was anonymous.

We see the reaction of the crowd to them both.

As soon as Jesus gets off the boat 

Jarius had an audience with him. 

The crowds parted and let him come through. 

Yet this woman had to “press” her way through to Jesus. 

She had to push through the crowd to get to Him.

Jairus was wealthy.

This woman lived in poverty.

This is shown by Jarius being in the position he was. 

While she had lost everything trying to regain her health,

trying every remedy.

It had not yet worked out for her.

More than likely she had been taken advantage of

By those whom she had gone to see.

Nobody would take advantage of Jairus. 

Jairus was the leader of the synagogue.

Because of her physical condition, 

the woman was forbidden from entering the synagogue.

I doubt if they would have ever met, 

She could not be in the places he was.

But they both had faith in God, 

And were willing to trust that Jesus was

Able to provide that healing that God could provide.

For twelve years, as his daughter grew, 

the house of Jairus was filled with laughter and joy.

For twelve years, the house of the woman 

was filled with misery and despair.

This is the most interesting contrast. 

The number twelve. 

Twelve years of excitement and joy. 

12 years of pain and loss.

Both were desperate for help from Jesus.

Jarius rushes the shore to meet Jesus as the crowds come. 

He waists to no time.

The woman presses her way through the crowd 

to get to Jesus. 

Fighting her way through the people. 

Pressing in. 

This is a strong word. 

It is action of desperation. 

A lunging.

Both risk something

Jarius a synagogue rules risk his lively hood. 

He was a man who was a Jewish ruler. 

He was not supposed to be doing this.

This woman. 

She risks being chased out. 

The law says a woman in her condition 

was supposed to stay home.

And yet in different ways both received a touch from Jesus.

Jarius through Jesus’ words 

“Do not be afraid, only believe”. 

Through the healing of his daughter

The woman in another sense of contrast

Actually doesn’t touch Jesus for she touches Him. 

She receives Jesus’ forgiveness and peace.

Yet we are given two people here. 

No matter where you are at on the spectrum. 

It could be a quick tragedy that happens or 

something you have been dealing with for years. 

No matter there is still a desperate need.

These two are waiting for Jesus.

Jesus knew that one person needed help.

He did not know about the other, 

Until He sensed that power had gone out from Him.

Like Jairus, you might be riding high. 

Your business might be booming. 

Your marriage might be blessed. 

Your family might be growing. 

Your body might be healthy. 

But you don’t know what the next moment holds. 

You and I do not know what the next moment holds. 

You who are Jairus’s right now, realize this: 

Like this man, the next moment might 

bring tragedy into your world.

Conversely, if, like the woman, 

you have either been going through an endless 

stream of setbacks or one persistent problem, 

you don’t know what the next hour holds. 

The next moment might bring you 

a miracle of astounding proportion. 

Pondering this ought to keep us from complacency 

when we feel like we are in Jairus’ sandals, 

and from despairing when it seems like we are 

standing in the woman’s shoes. 

Both of these stories remind me that the Lord is 

my Shield and my Protector. 

And if He allows difficulty, setback, 

or tragedy to come into my life, 

He will also be my Glory and the lifter of my head (Psa_3:3).

Ephesians 3

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more 

than all we ask or imagine, 

according to his power that is at work within us,

21 to him be glory in the church and 

in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever!