Get Involved

Alvie and Insh church parish has 3 bible study home groups in Kingussie, Kincraig and Aviemore. The groups meet every week and have discussions which are centred on the bible. Some weeks groups may decide to meet for various activities for example going for walks or enjoying BBQs in Summer. We encourage you to get involved, prepare to be blessed and see where God takes your journey with Jesus.

Kingussie Thursdays 730pm

Kincraig Thursdays 730pm

Aviemore Thursdays 730pm


Wednesday Prayer Group we meet in Insh Church at 1100hrs to pray for Ukraine and all countries at war. We give thanks for the stories we are hearing of Gods intervention and pray for more. 

Friday Prayer Group we meet in the garage, Kincraig Church Hall at 1115hrs to pray. We meet on Zoom, please email us for the link.

Sunday Prayer Group we meet before service at 0825hrs Kincraig Church Hall.

 Crosscurrents is the magazine, produced by the Church for the Parish and is normally delivered by hand to every household in the parish three times a year.

Come and join us